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After Hurricane Katrina, Community Organizer Becomes Storyteller

Aug 28, 2015

Writer, performer and attorney Mike Molina worked with New Orleans youths in Atlanta, as part of a project he started called ''New Roots.''
Credit Mike Molina

New Orleans native Mike Molina was living across the country in California’s Bay Area when Hurricane Katrina hit his hometown.

Seeing the storm’s devastating impact on New Orleans, he felt compelled to return to the South.

He ended up in Atlanta, where he stayed for many years, working with displaced New Orleans youths and also performing as a storyteller.

In a conversation with Stephannie Stokes, he discussed his interactions with the young evacuees and considered how the experience influenced his writing. 

Molina also read an excerpt from the novel he wrote after he moved to Atlanta, "Mass Transit Muse," which was performed as a play at Seven Stages Theatre. Below, you can listen to Molina perform that chapter, titled "Memorial Drive," and also read it for yourself.

Memorial Drive