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Atlanta Lyric Theatre Presents 'Young Frankenstein' The Musical

Oct 28, 2015

In the 1974 classic "Young Frankenstein," Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, which he defensively pronounces as Fronk-en-steen, travels to his recently deceased grandfather's Transylvanian estate. 

His late grandfather's servant, Igor, and a new lab assistant, Inga, fetch Frankenstein from the train station. There's a howl. Inga, terrified, says, "Werewolf!" Frankenstein questions, "Werewolf?"

Igor replies, "There wolf. There castle."

That's just one of the noteworthy moments from the immensely quotable Mel Brooks comedy.

After the Broadway success of “The Producers,” Brooks’ earlier musical adaptation of one of his films, he and his "Producers" team decided to create the musical version of “Young Frankenstein.”

Now, Atlanta Lyric Theatre presents “Young Frankenstein” just in time for Halloween.

In an interview with "City Lights" host Lois Reitzes, director Brandt Blocker reassured that the musical does not remove any of the important parts of the film. “We will put the candle back. We will call for Frau Blucher and hear the horses in the distance. So all the things you expect plus an incredible upbeat score make it a terrific Halloween treat.” 

Actors Googie Uterhardt and Blake Burgess also joined Reitzes and Blocker in studio. 

The Atlanta Lyric Theatre's production of "Young Frankenstein" runs through Nov. 8 at the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre.