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Closer Look: Election Day In Metro Atlanta; And More

Nov 8, 2016

Tuesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress":

  • 0:00: Voters from around metro Atlanta share the issues they're focused on heading into Election Day;
  • 1:00: WABE reporter Lisa Hagen talks to Rose Scott and Jim Burress about what she heard from voters this morning at polling locations around metro Atlanta;
  • 6:00: Georgia's Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, talks about voting wait times, the state's record early voting turnout and addresses criticisms about the potential for election tampering;
  • 15:00: A look at the electoral map with Emory University political science professor Alan Abramowitz;
  • 27:33: Metro Atlanta voters talk about foreign policy, women's right and global warming as the issues they're focusing on heading into Election day.
  • 29:20: NPR’s deputy political editor, Arnie Seipel, talks about how the political team is preparing for its Election Day coverage. 
  • 38:41: Mary Stuckey, Georgia State University professor of communications, talks about last-minute messages candidates are sending to remaining undecided voters.

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