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Closer Look: Ga. Prepares for Hurricane Irma; And More

Sep 7, 2017

Thursday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott":

  • 0:00: Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has expanded a state of emergency to 24 additional counties, in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. WABE senior editor, Susanna Capelouto, gives us the latest on Hurricane Irma, including a mandatory evacuation for some areas, to begin on Saturday.
  • 6:13: A look at how Hurricane Irma is affecting travel plans at the world’s busiest airport. Andrew Gobeil, spokesperson for Hartsfield-Jackson, talks preparations for flight travel.
  • 13:38: When natural disasters occur, journalists around the country travel to affected areas to report what's happening. A conversation with Mike Oreskes, vice president of news for National Public Radio about how, and when, NPR deploys its reporter to cover natural disasters like tropical storm Harvey.
  • 26:00: Downtown Atlanta is on the verge of a major revitalization, from the newly-opened Mercedes-Benz stadium to plans to redevelop Underground Atlanta. A look at the German based company, Newport Holdings, which recently acquired 50 properties in Downtown Atlanta. The company’s Vice President of Development, Katherine Kelly, talks about the company’s vision for downtown Atlanta.
  • 37:38: After two years of negotiations, the city of Atlanta has sold the Underground, a mall in downtown Atlanta, to South Carolina Developers WRS Real Estate Investments. A conversation with Steve Howe, vice president and chief operating officer of WRS and urban planner, Demetri Baches, about plans for the area.

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