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Crews From Across US Working To Restore Power In Ga.

Sep 12, 2017

Thousands of crew members have been working to restore power for Georgians across the state after Tropical Storm Irma.

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At the height of the storm Monday, more than 1.4 million homes and businesses in Georgia were without power.

"We have damage from one end of the state to the other – from Tybee to Trenton up in northwest Georgia – so it is very widespread damage," said John Kraft, a spokesperson with Georgia Power.

Kraft said Georgia Power had 6,000 people working on restoring power Tuesday, including crews from across the country that have come to help – some as far away as California.

"It's a little bit unusual to be pulling crews from quite so far away, but keep in mind that Florida has requested huge numbers of outside resources as well. So the whole utility industry is pulling together to try to help in such a widespread disaster," he said.

Kraft said it would take at least several days before everyone had their power restored because of the widespread damage.

Terri Stathum, a spokesperson for Georgia EMC, a group that represents utility cooperatives in the state, also said it would take several days to restore power to their customers. She said the group considers the storm historic.

"Our folks have worked a lot of different natural disasters ranging from hurricanes to tornados to ice storms, but the magnitude of this storm and the way it has blanketed the whole state has brought that level of restoration process to a whole new level," she said.

Stathum said about 4,000 people – also including people from more than a dozen states – have been mobilized to help restore power.