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Debate Over Fort McPherson's Future

Atlanta, GA – By mid September, 488 acres in South Atlanta could be re-zoned for a bio and life science research facility. A debate is brewing over whether the area will benefit from what will eventually replace Fort McPherson.

The McPherson Local Redevelopment Authority has submitted its plan to an Atlanta City Council committee. However, Georgia Stand Up executive director Deborah Scott says the plan is too far away from nearby MARTA stations and excludes longtime local black businesses.

"We as the community would like a piece of the pie with what's going on," said Scott. "More than that, we would like there to be a positive impact for the surrounding communities.
Authority executive director Jack Sprott says federal law restricted his group to only design a plan for the space that houses the Army base.
"We're obviously considering the effect on the outside area, but our plan had to concentrate and focus on what was inside the fence," said Sprott.

It's unclear if the Atlanta City Council will include changes before making a final decision on the re-zoning request.