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Emory University Seeks To Create Dialogue About Sexual Violence

Oct 28, 2015

Emory University is holding a town hall meeting Wednesday evening to discuss sexual assault. More than 10 percent of students who responded to a recent Emory survey said that someone had assaulted or raped them -- or attempted to -- since they'd enrolled.

The results are in line with other national surveys, said Emory public health professor Jessica Sales. And she said the survey presented a better picture of what students have experienced, from overhearing inappropriate jokes, to harassment, to rape.

"We were interested in understanding the full continuum of violence that our students might have experienced since coming to Emory," she said. The survey also revealed that many students didn’t know about existing sexual violence prevention and response resources on campus, she said.

The survey went out to all students enrolled in Emory in the 2015 spring semester, including grad students and those enrolled at Emory at Oxford. Of the nearly 14,000 people who received it, a little more than 2,600 responded.

The goal of the town hall is to create dialogue with students, faculty and staff, Sales said.

“I'm certain that they will have questions,” she said. “They will want to have a conversation and hear what thoughts the university has in regards to moving forward.”