Ga. Tech Creates Soundtrack For Atlanta's Solar Eclipse | WABE 90.1 FM

Ga. Tech Creates Soundtrack For Atlanta's Solar Eclipse

Aug 18, 2017

Atlanta will have its own soundtrack for the eclipse.

Composers from Georgia Tech created the soundtrack timing the music to be in sync with the eclipse.

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It's kind of a dark, heavy piece with pitch changes to convey what's happening. For example, high pitches represent the moon and lower pitches the sun.

"At the moment of total eclipse, the soundtrack becomes very quiet,” said Georgia Tech professor Bruce Walker, the lead researcher on the project. “We want you to experience not only the darkness but the stillness and the awe and the quietness."

Walker added there will also be someone adding to the composition on top of the prerecorded track in real time.

“There will be parts of the music that are going to reflect the changing temperature and barometric pressure and other things that are happening live in the moment,” he said.

Walker said the project started as a way to help the visually impaired experience the event.

The soundtrack will be available online and will start about an hour before the eclipse begins.