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Governor's Report Reveals CRCT Analysis

Atlanta, GA – The Governor's Office of Student Achievement looked at results from both middle and elementary CRCT tests from the spring of 2009.

It found 10 percent of the schools had an unusual amount of erasures changing wrong answers to correct ones.

State officials say more than 1-hundred and 90 schools throughout the state including some Atlanta Public Schools will have some explaining to do regarding the Criterion Referenced Competency Test or CRCT.
WABE's Rose Scott reports that the report also flags 74 schools with a severe concern mark of those more than 40 are in APS.

Spokesperson Keith Bromery says the district agrees with the findings but he cautions the "erasure frequency in of itself does not constitute evidence of testing irregularities in the absent of other factors and added the state made similar comment.

Following the suggestions of the state, Bromery says APS has begun its own investigation to find the root cause for the erasures.