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KKK Recruiting In Atlanta Through Fliers

Jul 15, 2014

Recently, fliers from the Ku Klux Klan passed out in several Atlanta neighborhoods have been causing a stir.

Residents found the fliers on their cars.

WABE’s Rose Scott reports an official with the KKK confirmed it was from a North Carolina chapter.

The fliers reportedly were passed out in the Candler Park and Cabbagetown neighborhoods.

The messaging indicated crime statistics involving blacks as perpetrators.

Atlanta wasn’t specifically targeted, but instead it’s part of a national initiative to recruit potential new members.

Robert Jones told WABE, he’s the Imperial Klaliff or simply vice president of the Pelham, North Carolina White Knights KKK affiliate.

“We’re actually fighting for equal rights for whites. I mean what we’re trying to accomplish is exact same thing what Martin Luther King and Malcom X did for the African American community during the fifties.  Right now we’re seeing our rights took away every time you turn around, you turn on the TV; they want to take down another confederate monument or confederate flag.”

Jones says the Loyal White Knights Group is what he calls the traditional KKK and not the Klan often associated with the lynchings that took place in this country.

“We’re not out there to harm anyone. This is basically just a recruitment drive for members. We do this at least two or three times a year and it’s just basically to let people know the Klan is in their neighborhood. And we’ve always been in the neighborhood; I mean Georgia always had a strong running Klan since 1866. It’s always been a strong Klan presence in Georgia.”

While many residents told local television stations the KKK was not wanted in the neighborhoods, legally the group’s right to pass out the flyer is protected by the First Amendment.

WABE contacted the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP for reaction to the fliers.

The group has yet to respond.