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A Look At Area Law Enforcement Collaboration: Fulton County Sheriff

Sep 13, 2013

Credit Fulton County, GA

As the Atlanta Police Department looks to open its new intelligence sharing database to other local law enforcement agencies, WABE looks at how the area collaborates to investigate gang activity.

In the Fulton County Sheriff’s office, Sgt. Christopher Johnson works in security at the Fulton County Jail and specializes in gang activity – particularly within the jail.

He said most of the intelligence the sheriff’s office uses outside of the jail is acquired from new inmates.

“They provide a significant amount of intelligence on what goes on out in the streets,” Johnson said.

Johnson said Fulton works closely with the Atlanta Police Department – though APD has not reached out about joining its new intelligence sharing network, APIN for short.

While the Fulton Sheriff’s Office doesn’t do a lot of criminal policing – that’s left mostly to the county and city police departments – Johnson did say the sheriff’s office has a similar database for archiving gang-affiliated inmates.

“We have a database were it breaks down which sect of gang they are in, what geographical region they actually live in, working out of, basically committing their crimes in,” Johnson said.

APD said it would be interested in the information the sheriff’s office gathers for APIN, particularly during the intake process.