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MAP: Where Georgians With Higher Education Degrees Cluster

Nov 21, 2016

Over a quarter of Georgians – 28.3 percent – over the age of 25 have a bachelor's degree or higher, according to the U.S. Census Bureau figures from 2010-2014. The nationwide figure for adults with high education degrees is 29.3 percent, but the percentage of Atlantans is a whopping 47.1 percent – nearly half the city's adult population.

For reference, the percentage of adults living in San Francisco who meet that criteria is 52.9 percent.

As the above map from the Atlanta Regional Commission shows, that percentage figure alone does not tell the full story of Georgia's college-educated population.

Each circle in the graphic shows the percentage of the population in Georgia cities that has at least a bachelor's degree. The areas with the largest percentages of people with higher education, shown as dark green circles, are noticeably clustered in metro Atlanta, where there are nearly 60 colleges and universities according to the Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education

This story is part of a partnership with the Atlanta Regional Commission.

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