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Rebounding Georgia Economy Helps Truckers

ATLANTA< GA – There's another new sign Georgia's economy may be on the mend.

The nation's largest truckload carrier is opening a new operating center in Decatur - and with that announcement comes jobs.

Schneider National says it hopes to have its new center operational next month.

The company wants to fill 400 new truck driver positions, throughout the state.

Schneider is also seeking experienced diesel mechanics to work at its new Dekalb facility.

Guy Young is vice President of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association.

He says the trucking industry's health is a reflection of the state's economy - and the fact that Schneider wants to hire 400 drivers bodes well.

&#147Oh there's absolutely room for 400 more&%148 he says.

&#147The economy has picked up and as a result the trucking industry has seen some movements in that direction also. It's doing quite well and I understand that there's room for more capacity&#148.

According to Guy Young, one out of every ten Georgia residents are employed in some work related to the state's trucking industry.