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Serenbe Playhouse Presents Feminist Take On 'Robin Hood'

Jun 7, 2017

There is some genuine swashbuckling going on in—and above—the forest at Serenbe Playhouse. The theatre company continues its rebellious 2017 season with a production of the classic story of “Robin Hood.”

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The production is in weekend performances through Aug. 13.

Written by playwright Rachel Teagle and directed by Broadway's Paul McGill, this take on "Robin Hood" features an expanded storyline for Maid Marian, as well as aerial effects in Serenbe's forested setting.

"In crazy Serenbe fashion, we came up with another crazy idea," artistic associate Ryan Oliveti told City Lights host Lois Reitzes. "All of our actors are flying through the trees on ziplines."

For the production, the theatre had to build not only the rigging for the lines into the trees, but the treehouse sets, a river, a bridge, and even the path to the show grounds had to be cleared. 

"We have a full Sherwood forest tavern and a gallows and archery games," Oliveti said. "You're transported to a completely different, hidden world."

Actor Casey Shuler, playing Maid Marian, says she appreciates getting to play an empowered take on her character.

"She has this really beautiful monologue mid-show," Shuler said of Maid Marian. "She realizes what she can handle and what she can do. I actually had a younger girl come up to me after one of the shows. She said 'I want to be a princess, but I want to be a princess like that.' [Marian] is powerful. She can handle everything the boys can handle."