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Slow And Steady: Moving Atlanta's Cyclorama

Feb 13, 2017

There is probably only one way to successfully move a giant painting depicting a famous battle, and that's slowly. 

The Atlanta History Center took that approach last week when moving the city's Cyclorama from Grant Park to their facility. 

To get the painting ready for the move, workers cut it at a seam into two pieces. Both pieces were then rolled onto the two gigantic, custom-built steel spools, each scroll taller than a four-story building.

Holes were carved in the concrete roof of the old Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum where it was housed for nearly a century and cranes then lifted the spools out.

The relocation effort began Thursday and workers completed the move to the new exhibit hall Friday night.

"There's a sense of relief but to me it's a sense of excitement. There's a sense of making history," Gordon Jones, curator of the Atlanta History Center, said. "This is the first time this painting has been out of this building since 1921."

Maegan Smith contributed to this story.

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