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Theatrical Outfit's 40th Season To Include 'Heights,' 'Thurgood'

Jun 15, 2016

How does a theater fit into the fabric of a neighborhood? In the the fabric of a city? For Theatrical Outfit, the location certainly helps.

The Outfit, which is the second-oldest theater company is Atlanta, calls the Balzer Theatre at Herren's its home. Herren's, explains Clifton Guterman, the recently-named associate artistic director of the company, was the first restaurant in the city to voluntarily desegregate. 

"[Outfit Artistic Director Tom Key] very much wanted to honor that spirit going forward," Guterman says. "We’re very aware when programming at Theatrical Outfit of the building’s history, our place in the theater community, our place downtown."

The company's upcoming 40th season will include "In The Heights," a musical written by "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, and "Thurgood," a one-man show made popular by actor Laurence Fishburne and later turned into an HBO movie.

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