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At Tuba Christmas, Low Brass Gets The Spotlight

Dec 12, 2014

Tuba players don't always get a lot of attention. They're generally stuck in the back rows of the orchestra, providing the bass while the trumpets take the melody.

But for at least one hour every year, these low brass musicians get to perform front and center. In an event called Tuba Christmas.

The annual performance brings together a couple hundred tuba players, from students in their early teens to professional musicians in their late 50s, to play Christmas carols.

It's an event that has united tuba players around the country since the mid 1970s. Here in Atlanta, the first city to hold Tuba Christmas south of the Mason-Dixon line, it's been going for 28 years.   

WABE producer Stephannie Stokes stopped by this year's Tuba Christmas at Underground Atlanta and brought back this sound portrait.

You can also check out the 30-second Atlanta Sounds story on Tuba Christmas: