Water Found In Fuel Shuts Down Some Gas Pumps After Irma | WABE 90.1 FM

Water Found In Fuel Shuts Down Some Gas Pumps After Irma

Sep 15, 2017

State officials have shut down fuel pumps at more than 20 gas stations around the state, including some in metro Atlanta, after inspectors found water contamination in the fuel after Tropical Storm Irma.

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Richard Lewis, director of the state fuel and measures division at the Georgia Department of Agriculture, said inspectors are forgoing regular duties to do random inspections for water contamination.

“When we get a large amount of rain like that and you have standing water, that increases the probability to have seepage into the tanks,” he said.

Lewis said depending on the level of contamination, water contamination can lead to engine damage, and said the responsibility falls on the gas stations to compensate customers.

“If there is a problem with the gas, and the consumer has a problem with his car, the station then would liable to make sure the problem gets fixed and the person gets compensated for it,” Lewis said.

He said the department is also working with gas stations to get them back up and running after the storm.

He said fuel pumps at one station in the Augusta area was shut down after a driver sent a complaint about issues with the fuel. Others were found during random inspections, Lewis said.