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Atlanta, GA – With less than 24 hours until the mayoral election, negative campaigning has intensified.

The latest polls put Mary Norwood far ahead of her challengers Kasim Reed and Lisa Borders.

In fact, polls put Norwood close to the 50 percent mark she needs to avoid a runoff election.

Recently her opponents have stepped up attacks to try and stop her from reaching that goal.

One common theme is that Norwood is a closet republican.

Atlanta, GA – There's been a lot of discussion lately about healthcare reform. One item in the debate has focused on end of life decisions. As the "Baby Boom" generation advances in age, more attention has been given to the various scenarios Boomers could face. Recently, WABE's Steve Goss spoke with Ted Sarenski, a member of the American Institute of CPAs and Personal Financial Planners, and chair of its Elder Care Task Force.

Atlanta, GA – The wildlife refuge is getting more than 3.5 million dollars in federal stimulus money to create a mile-wide buffer zone around its border.

Landowners will manage the area by controlling vegetation and planting fire tolerant trees. Much of the refuge's nearly 200 mile border could be affected.

Bo Chesser is a senior forester at the Georgia Forestry Commission. He says the new zone will increase forest health and protect local communities.

Atlanta, GA – Georgia has a 3 step approach to make sure metro Atlanta will have the water it needs for the future.

That's what Governor Sonny Perdue said today after briefing more than 100 of the state's top politicians, business leaders and urban planners.

Last week, a federal judge ruled the state has been illegally taking water from Lake Lanier and has three years to work out a deal with Alabama and Florida.

Atlanta, GA – She's had numerous opportunities to leave the poor rural community for which her services were desperately needed even after two hurricanes and a fire destroyed her Alabama clinic Dr. Benjamin stayed and rebuilt.

It's because of her commitment that the nation's 16th Surgeon General
Dr. David Satcher believes her nomination is an excellent choice: