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Atlanta, GA – Georgia has a 3 step approach to make sure metro Atlanta will have the water it needs for the future.

That's what Governor Sonny Perdue said today after briefing more than 100 of the state's top politicians, business leaders and urban planners.

Last week, a federal judge ruled the state has been illegally taking water from Lake Lanier and has three years to work out a deal with Alabama and Florida.

Atlanta, GA – She's had numerous opportunities to leave the poor rural community for which her services were desperately needed even after two hurricanes and a fire destroyed her Alabama clinic Dr. Benjamin stayed and rebuilt.

It's because of her commitment that the nation's 16th Surgeon General
Dr. David Satcher believes her nomination is an excellent choice:

Atlanta, GA – Thursday evening the Anti-Defamation League will present the premiere of the documentary film, "The People vs Leo Frank" which recounts the 1913 case of a Jewish pencil factory manager in Atlanta who was convicted of murdering Mary Phagan, one of his employees. When Frank's death sentence was commuted by the governor in 1915, a mob kidnapped him from his prison cell and lynched him in Cobb County. WABE's Steve Goss speaks with the film's writer and director Ben Loeterman.

Atlanta, GA – The south-Indian Udipi Caf in Decatur is a popular spot for numerous N-R-I-'s - Non Resident Indians- living in and around Atlanta.

Initial reaction among patrons here, and elsewhere, to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai has been shock, and concern .. about the growing problem of fanaticism, and how to stop it.


Varon Grover is a professor at Clemson University, originally from New Delhi.


Atlanta, GA – If we were to turn Atlanta's clock back 144 years, to November 15, 1864, we'd find our city sacked and smoldering. Union forces General William T. Sherman was about to embark on the next phase of his grand design to divide and conquer the South by marching to the Atlantic. Steve Goss talks with Georgia State University historian Cliff Kuhn, who picks up the story.