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StoryCorps’ mission is to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives. We do this to remind one another of our shared humanity, to strengthen and build the connections between people, to teach the value of listening, and to weave into the fabric of our culture the understanding that everyone’s story matters.

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StoryCorps is partnering with the Atlanta History Center and Public Broadcasting Atlanta to record, preserve, and share the stories of communities in Atlanta. Our mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.

Since 2003, over 80,000 people have shared life stories with family and friends through StoryCorps. Each conversation is recorded on a free CD to share, and is preserved at the Library of Congress. StoryCorps is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind, and millions listen to our broadcasts on public radio and the web.

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  • Tuesday during Morning Edition at 7:43 a.m. and 9:43 a.m.
  • Friday during Morning Edition at 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.

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Listen to more stories from Atlanta, and get news and updates about local StoryCorps events and recordings here.

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A woman gets a wake-up call, and has to decide whether to answer it.

Atlanta, GA – Linda Gorham has worked as a professional storyteller for close to two decades but making the transition to that job was a step that took some courage. At StoryCorps Atlanta, Linda told her friend and fellow storyteller, Gwendolyn Hilary about how she got her start.

Linda told Gwendolyn this story at the 2011 National Black Storytelling Festival and Conference in Atlanta.

A move to Atlanta forces a search for a new doctor.

Atlanta, GA – Most people's conversations with their dentists are confined to dental chairs. But recently patient Gail O'Neill brought her own dentist, Ronald Goldstein, to StoryCorps. She started the conversation by explaining why she wanted to talk with him.

Childhood love lost, then found, then lost...

Atlanta, GA – Jim Fletcher of Liburn is now 49, but when he met MaryAnn Landau - now MaryAnn Fletcher he hadn't yet learned math or to read. But he did have a sense of true love.

Newcomers to this city and country learn to navigate the new culture and Americans' ideas about foreigners.

Atlanta, GA – Some newcomers from far away. 21-year-old Lubna Rashid and her mother, artist Lamyaa al Azzawi came to Georgia just three months ago, after spending the last 12 years in Jordan. Before that, they fled Iraq. Now they're trying to rebuild their life in the country that's been at odds with their homeland for the last decade. And that hasn't been so easy for them either.

An African refugee talks to her 12-year old son about what life was like for her as a child before coming to the U.S.

Atlanta, GA – Naima Abdullahi came to the U.S. from Kenya with her parents almost twenty years ago at age 11. Her father had escaped persecution in Ethiopia before she was born. Now Naima's son Teso McDonald is 12. And Naima wants to make sure he understands his family's origins.