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Atlanta BeltLine

Atlanta Beltline
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New leadership is coming to the agency that oversees development of the Atlanta BeltLine.

The city announced today that Atlanta Beltline, Inc. President and CEO Paul Morris will step down.

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Morris joined the Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. in 2013. In that time, the agency began expanding the trail by four miles on the east and west sides of the loop. It also started on new projects like an urban farm.

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Wednesday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott":

Atlanta Mayoral Candidates Optimistic About BeltLine’s Future

Aug 3, 2017
David Goldman / Associated Press

With the looming Atlanta mayoral election and the ever-expanding sprawl of the Atlanta BeltLine, many residents are concerned about the BeltLine’s future.

But what do the prospective future mayors think about the future of the 22-mile network of parks and trails?

Atlanta Loop asked several of the candidates questions regarding the BeltLine, and four weighed in with their thoughts and plans if elected.


Bidding has opened for the design and development of what is slated to be Atlanta's biggest park.

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Did You Know The Atlanta BeltLine Has A Farm?

Jul 24, 2017
Andrea Ness, a co-owner of Aluma Farm, waters the microgreens grown in the farm's greenhouse.

Andrea Ness walks the nearly 4-acre farm. It butts up to the Westside Trail in Adair Park, separated by a chain link fence and a small gully. Walking between rows, Ness points out okra, corn, watermelon.


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"A ripe melon will say 'punk.' An unripe melon will say 'pink' or 'pank,'" Ness flicks the smallish watermelon and cocks her head, listening. "So it's kind of like a 'penk,'" she said laughing. "It's not quite like a 'punk' yet."