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Polly Buxton

The acclaimed author Pat Conroy endeared himself to many readers, perhaps southerners most of all. His love for Charleston and the Low Country provided ongoing inspiration for his work. Shortly before he died last year, Conroy wrote the forward for “The Cigar Factory: A Novel of Charleston” by Atlanta-native Michele Moore.

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Charles McNair
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Charles McNair is an Atlanta-based author whose 1994 novel, “Land O’Goshen,” was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

His penchant for storytelling took a most creative turn when he recounted an incident on his 1979 honeymoon that had him playing for an Italian baseball team.

In this installment of "Storytellers" for “City Lights,” McNair unfolds the tale of his time with the Verona Arsenal club – his “baseball band of brothers” who played the game with “amore.”