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According to Randstad, 69% of workers polled, say it's unlikely they'll get laid off.  But if they do, they're not too worried.  Not only that, but 43% say they're confident in their ability to find another job. 

The merger of Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways Thursday cleared a key  hurdle, after the Federal Aviation Administration issued Southwest a “single operating certificate.” 

That means the Dallas-based carrier can speed up its absorption of the AirTran Airways.

“It’s essentially Uncle Sam saying it’s OK to start tearing down walls and moving planes and people around,” says Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins, adding that passengers won't notice much of an immediate change.  

Georgia's Unemployment Rate dips

Mar 1, 2012
Georgia Dept. of Labor


Georgia’s unemployment rate was 9.2% last month. Relatively speaking, the number is high and is higher than the current national average. However, Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says you have to put the latest unemployment numbers in perspective.

Black History Month's financial impact

Feb 29, 2012
Charles Edwards / WABE News

On this the last day of February, local African-American attractions are closing their financial books on Black History Month. For some, the month long focus on African-American history means good business. For others, it’s a reminder the month and the history don’t get enough attention.

Caterpillar boosts economy in Athens

Feb 17, 2012
Charles Edwards / WABE News

At a time when Georgia’s unemployment rate is just below 10%, more than a thousand new jobs are coming to the Northeast part of the state.

Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar announced today it will start building a one-million square foot plant in Athens.

“This plant will be about 1400 people,” said Caterpillar Chariman and CEO Doug Oberhelman. “We’ll make the most famous image I think of Caterpillar. That’s our bulldozer.”