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Construction Jobs in Atlanta Remain Elusive

Feb 10, 2012

The new data comes as no surprise. Since 2006, metro Atlanta has lost more construction jobs than just about every city in the country. 

These days in Atlanta, it's a rare sight. Cranes raising beams high in the air, workers in hard hats shouting orders, heavy machinery moving chunks of earth. 

A 23-story apartment complex is being built in Midtown. It's one of only two construction projects going on in the area. 

Georgia's natural gas providers filed into the Public Service Commission Thursday to explain a recent federal report that said gas prices are nearly 40 percent higher in Atlanta than the national average.

Many of them stepped up to the podium, questioned the report's methodology and called the data unreliable.

"Significant unknowns in the methodology," said one company representative.

Many of the providers went a step further and said the report was an attack on the free market.

Atlanta, GA – Host: Among the many indicators pointing to a fragile U.S. economy are ongoing bank failures. Twenty-three banks have failed, just since July. And no state has seen more banks close than Georgia. Since 2008, 70 banks have failed in the state. That's almost a quarter of all banks there. From WABE in Atlanta, Jim Burress reports on why Georgia's been especially hit hard.

There was no drought to keep people away and the economic downturn didn't deter vacationers from the North Georgia water haven.
WABE's Rose Scott has more:

The pie was big enough for all merchants to get a slice from boat rentals to restaurants, the summer was chock full of people spending money.
That's a big turnaround from the two previous summers and Joanna Cloud says the lake at full pool is one of the reasons.

Atlanta, GA – A new federal study shows those without health insurance pay significantly more for hospital stays than the insured, and that price gap has widened in the past decade.