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Cobb County budget

Cobb County Commissioners Approve 2018 Budget

Sep 25, 2017
Public comment lasted almost two hours as more than a dozen people spoke out urging commissioners to not cut funding for county non-profits.
Miranda Hawkins / WABE


Cobb County commissioners have approved a new 2018 budget, and, as many predicted, there are cuts this year.


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County officials recently approved a $25 million park bond and then decided not to raise the millage rate. Hence, the commissioners faced a revenue shortfall coming into the new fiscal year.


Cobb County commissioners got their first look Tuesday at the proposed budget for the upcoming year and was already faced with a revenue shortfall.

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The way the county pays its bills is like a credit card. Charge first, use taxes to pay up later. Since commissioners voted not to raise the millage rate this year, the new proposed budget is $21.5 million short.