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Cobb County Commissioners Approve 2018 Budget

Sep 25, 2017
Public comment lasted almost two hours as more than a dozen people spoke out urging commissioners to not cut funding for county non-profits.
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Cobb County commissioners have approved a new 2018 budget, and, as many predicted, there are cuts this year.


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County officials recently approved a $25 million park bond and then decided not to raise the millage rate. Hence, the commissioners faced a revenue shortfall coming into the new fiscal year.

Cobb County Hires Vendor To Investigate Police Department

Jun 29, 2016
Cobb County Police cars
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A full house applauded last night as Cobb County commissioners unanimously approved hiring the International Association of Chiefs of Police to investigate the county's police department. IACP won the contract after placing a bid earlier this year.

The Cobb County commissioners approve a third party to investigate the police department
David Goldman / Associated Press

County County Commission Chairman Tim Lee wants to cut taxes.

Cobb Commissioners are scheduled to vote on the millage rate July 26, the same day Lee faces Mike Boyce in a runoff for the commission seat.

In a statement released Wednesday morning, Lee called on the board to cut homeowner property taxes by half a mill.

"Because of the economic growth we're doing, we're able to maintain our quality services and deliver exactly what the community is looking for, while rolling back the millage, so we're optimistic about that," said Lee.

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Smile ... you're on Cobb County camera!

There are dozens of traffic cameras throughout Cobb County, and on Tuesday, commissioners voted in favor of adding 30 more.

These cameras are not used to catch people who speed through red lights or commit any other traffic violation.

Rather, they're used solely to help drivers get through the county as quickly as possible.