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Coming Out

Home Is A Conditional Closet: Out In College But Closeted At Home

Sep 25, 2017
Jahleelah Shaheed / courtesy of Vox Atlanta

I want to start off by (almost literally) taking a page from Roxane Gay’s book “Hunger” and tell you that I am not an expert. I don’t have any ins, outs, dos or don’ts on how to compartmentalize your being for the comfort of others. What I do have is my experience, partnered with the courage to tell you about it.

I don’t think there has ever been a point in human history when a death threat was taken lightly. 

Jennifer Johnston

There's a song many kids in the South learn to help remember the spelling of “Mississippi.” It starts, “M… I… Crooked Letter… Crooked Letter… I” and continues on from there.

This little rhyme is the inspiration for the title of a new anthology that has nothing to do with folk songs or state names.