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Trees in Grant Park are marked with an orange x. On this path, these two trees are on the chopping block to make way for a flyover bridge to a proposed parking deck.
Tasnim Shamma / WABE

Grant Park is full of historic trees, but many near the main road are marked with orange Xs.

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"We're looking at a Water Oak [tree] at the corner of Boulevard and Confederate Avenue,” said Leigh Finlayson. “It's old and it’s beautiful. It's a poster child of Grant Park."

Finlayson lives across the street from a row of trees on Boulevard Street, many of which are more than 50 years old, where a semi-underground three-story parking deck is planned.

Brenna Beech / WABE

The Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum is shutting its doors for good Tuesday.

But the legendary artifact, a 128-year-old oil painting that depicts the Battle of Atlanta, will live on in the Atlanta History Center.

Of course, moving the 358-foot-long, 42-foot-high item won't be easy.

Get Your Slither On At Zoo Atlanta's New Reptile House

Mar 17, 2015
An Emerald tree boa at Zoo Atlanta
Courtesy of Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is getting ready to open its newest exhibit in April, an 113,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art reptile exhibit that holds some of the world’s most exotic species, including snakes, turtles, lizards and other creepy crawlers.  

It’s called Scaly Slimy Spectacular: The Amphibian and Reptile Experience. 

The display, at a cost of $18 million, boasts features such as 9,700 square feet of handcrafted rockwork, 60,000 gallons of water, and a 45-foot glass dome for the cold-blooded, belly-slithering creatures, according to a press release from Zoo Atlanta.   

The Atlanta Cyclorama is at 800 Cherokee Ave. in Grant Park, and is open to the public through June of 2015.
Brenna Beech / WABE

Atlanta is home to one of the largest oil paintings in the world … at least that’s according to the Cyclorama’s website. The massive panoramic painting in Grant Park tells the story of the Battle of Atlanta in 1864.

If you want to know exactly how impressive this fancy cylinder is, just ask Yakingma Robinson.

This Day in History: Cyclorama Opens In Atlanta

Feb 19, 2015
The Atlanta Cyclorama
Katie King / WABE

This Sunday is Feb. 22. If we were to turn Atlanta's clock back 123 years to that date in 1892, we'd witness the public presentation of a massive circular painting of the Civil War Battle of Atlanta.  

Georgia State University Associate Professor of history Dr. Clifford Kuhn revisits the event with WABE's Steve Goss.