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Delta Jewels

Leola Dillard, 103, of Yazoo City, MS from photojournalist, Alysia Burton Steele's book, Delta Jewels.
Alysia Burton Steele


Last month on “City Lights,” host Lois Reitzes talked with photojournalist Alysia Burton Steele about her recent book exploring the lives of several dozen elderly African-American women in Mississippi.

Alysia Burton Steele

Last month’s deadly shootings at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church have led many Americans to reconsider racial relations and their own complicated views on the subject.

Even before the Confederate battle flag finally came down over the South Carolina state capitol, a rash of fires broke out at predominantly black churches across the South.  

Those events prompted “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to read "Delta Jewels," a book published in April by photojournalist Alysia Burton Steele.