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Dragon Con 2017

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Yesterday, the Brooks family, dressed as characters from the "Justice League" and stood on Peachtree Center Avenue to watch the annual Dragon Con Parade. This year is their second Dragon Con, and dressing up as a family group has become a new tradition, Janelle Brooks said.

“My family is really into superheroes, so we watch all the Marvel movies and all the DC movies,” she said. “It was a surprise. We didn’t tell (the kids) what their costume was until this morning. We laid it out on the bed for them.”

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Cosplayers went all out this year at the 2017 Dragon Con parade down Peachtree Street. From superheroes to handmaids to a surprising amount of inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex suits, people came out in droves to show off costumes they've been working on, sometimes for months ahead of the convention.

This year’s convention, set for Friday through Monday of Labor Day weekend, has hosted a number of notable guests among the projected crowd of 82,000, according to Dragon Con media relations.

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At 9 p.m. Wednesday night, Dragon Con’s “Hall of Fame” was still just filled with bits and pieces of equipment, tables yet to be folded out and some very daunting looking equipment.

But the room wasn’t silent. All over the Hyatt Regency and Marriott Marquis, volunteers were hustling from one room to another, pushing massive carts, assembling scaffolds for art and preparing for the convention to begin. On Friday, the once-empty room will be packed with celebrity guests and their fans, hoping to get a glimpse, an autograph or even a selfie with their favorite star.

Self-Proclaimed 'Geeks In Crime' Discuss Dragon Con

Aug 29, 2017
StoryCorps Atlanta

Labor Day in Atlanta means a lot of things to a lot of people. For about 80,000 of those people, it means Dragon Con.

Today on "StoryCorps Atlanta," we’ll hear from Jennifer Young and Rebecca Hill, who are each other’s self-proclaimed “geeks in crime”. They met at Kennesaw State but didn’t realize that they had the same gaming hobbies until they ran into each other one year at Dragon Con.

This story was recorded in partnership with the Atlanta History Center, which hosts Atlanta's StoryCorps Booth.

Jakey Philips came to Dragon Con as Immortan Joe from the film ''Mad Max: Fury Road.'' He said his favorite part of Dragon Con is its welcoming, family-like culture.
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In a week, cosplayers, convention-goers and thousands of  science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts from all over the United States will be converging on downtown Atlanta for the 31st annual Dragon Con.

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