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Grant Park

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Monday on "Closer Look with Rose Scott":

This is a special edition of "Closer Look" taped at Eventide Brewing in the Grant Park neighborhood. It kicks off our series "Closer Look in the Community" where we focus on the issues important to Atlanta's neighborhoods.

Trees in Grant Park are marked with an orange x. On this path, these two trees are on the chopping block to make way for a flyover bridge to a proposed parking deck.
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Grant Park is full of historic trees, but many near the main road are marked with orange Xs.

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"We're looking at a Water Oak [tree] at the corner of Boulevard and Confederate Avenue,” said Leigh Finlayson. “It's old and it’s beautiful. It's a poster child of Grant Park."

Finlayson lives across the street from a row of trees on Boulevard Street, many of which are more than 50 years old, where a semi-underground three-story parking deck is planned.

Kaitlin Kolarik

There is probably only one way to successfully move a giant painting depicting a famous battle, and that's slowly. 

The Atlanta History Center took that approach last week when moving the city's Cyclorama from Grant Park to their facility. 

To get the painting ready for the move, workers cut it at a seam into two pieces. Both pieces were then rolled onto the two gigantic, custom-built steel spools, each scroll taller than a four-story building.

About Half Of Atlanta's Giant Cyclorama Has Been Moved

Feb 10, 2017
Alex Sanz / Associated Press

About half of an enormous panoramic painting depicting the Civil War Battle of Atlanta has been moved to a new exhibit hall as workers continued to move the rest of the painting Friday.

Historians hailed the delicate, painstaking move as a milestone for the nearly 6-ton Cyclorama — one of the world's largest paintings — which was being moved in two sections from the city's Grant Park to the Atlanta History Center.

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival Is This Weekend

Aug 26, 2016
Courtesy of Caren West


A free, family-friendly event is taking place this weekend and it supports a good cause.

The 14th annual Grant Park Summer Shade Festival is organized by and benefits the Grant Park Conservancy.

The event includes a 5K run, a farmers’ market, local food trucks, craft beer and a Kids Zone.