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Here, WABE's Steve Goss talks with Georgia State University historian Cliff Kuhn.

Martha Dalton / WABE

Atlanta – The tables will be turned on some Georgia teachers next fall when they're graded on students' standardized test scores. The change is part of a new teacher evaluation system funded by the federal Race to the Top grant. 

Feds Give Atlanta $47 Million For Peachtree Streetcar

Oct 15, 2010

About five months ago, Atlanta lost its federal funding bid to run streetcars through the central parts of the city. It was seen as a major blow to a big city tourism and transportation initiative.

Since then, Mayor Reed says he has consistently pushed for funding. He also says Atlanta focused solely on the Streetcar request and got away from selling federal officials on several city transportation projects.

Atlanta, GA – A new study shows that despite a tough economic climate, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport has seen a jump in revenue. Airport officials announced the details of the study Tuesday. WABE's Martha Dalton reports.

Airport Interim General Manager Robert Kennedy says in 2009, Hartsfield-Jackson generated 32.6 billion dollars in revenue for the metro area - up 40 percent from 2005:

The term “Giwayen Mata” comes from the Hausa ethnic group of Nigeria and West Africa. It means “Elephant Women” and often refers to the leaders of women’s organizations. For a group of dancers and drummers who came together in Atlanta in 1993, it was the perfect term for their trailblazing performance style.