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The first recorded jousting tournament was held in France in 1066. Almost 950 years later, people can still relive those days of yore. Located inside Discover Mills in Lawrenceville, Medieval Times is an 11th century dinner theater. Patrons are served a meal by “serfs” and “wenches.” There are no utensils here; everyone eats with their bare hands. The entertainment is an authentic medieval tournament, featuring horse dressage, a variety of skill games, and a jousting tournament.

Wet Plate Collodion is an early photographic process invented by Frederick Scott Archer in 1850 and used widely until the end of the century. It produced a sharp image that could be used to make an unlimited number of prints. However it has one major disadvantage. The entire process has to be completed before the plate is dry. So the plate must be prepared, exposed in the camera and processed in about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the temperature and the weather. This means that a darkroom must be carried along during a photographic trip. In 1800’s that would have been a horse drawn wagon.

Most dogs love to fetch, jump and swim. That explains the popularity of dock jumping. Promoted in 2000 as a “filler” event at the ESPN games, it has grown rapidly into a nationwide phenomenon.



When the Comer siblings opened up the pub that would eventually become The Marlay House, they hoped to recreate a bit of their native Ireland in Decatur. The missing piece came in the form of several local musicians who quickly became a fixture.

Dr. Edwin Gerson likes antiques. He has an impressive collection of vintage telephones, but he really wanted to find some artifacts from his medical specialty, radiology. That proved to be impractical, however. Early x-ray equipment was enormous, and very little survived intact.