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Perhaps you’ve been to the Center for Puppetry Arts and enjoyed a show, but have you ever thought about the amount of work required to put that show together? We went backstage to visit the folks in the puppet shop as well as the puppeteers to see what’s involved.

As a DJ at WRAS, the Georgia State radio station, Lance Ledbetter was unable to find early gospel recordings on CD or LP. In 1999, he began to seek out collectors of old 78 RPM records, listening to hours upon hours of tape, amazed at the wealth of sounds virtually unheard by modern listeners. A project took shape as Lance made plans to share this music with others.

The American Association of adapted SPORTS Program

Jun 20, 2010

The American Association of adaptedSPORTST Programs began in the 1980s as an after-school program for students with physical disabilities in Dekalb County. It has since become a model for adapted sports throughout the country.

The Greater Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club

Jun 20, 2010

You may think you have a tendency to get homesick, but you can’t begin to compare with the homing pigeon. When taken away from their lofts, homing pigeons will, when released, race back to their homes at nearly 60 mph. And forget about moving to a new town. Pigeons will attempt to return to their original homes, despite the time and the miles in between.

C-TRAN Advocates Get Boost From Rev. Jackson

Apr 12, 2010

Jackson met with state lawmakers to lobby for a comprehensive transportation overhaul, as well as immediate help for former riders of C-TRAN, Clayton's bus service. Jackson urged them to pass a bill that would allow Clayton to raise its sales tax to fund transit. He also singled out the four Clayton commissioners who voted in October to shut down C-TRAN due to funding issues.