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Questions Raised in Dekalb Bullying Probe

Jul 28, 2009

Sue Heslup is a long-time resident of DeKalb and the mother of two former students.

"There was a lot of information that was never shared, a lot of information withheld, a lot of parents in the dark...That's what I think people are upset about."

She says her main issue is that the county has yet to produce a written report on the suicide of 11-year-old, Jaheem Herrera.

Commemorating Memorial Day at the State Capitol

May 22, 2009

Thursday, Georgia's fallen soldiers from years past and of recent memory were honored inside the State Capitol for the Memorial Day weekend.

Chaplain Blair Davis read names of service members killed last year in combat.

DAVIS: "Corporal Johnathan Ayers. Snellville, Georgia.

Last July, Corporal Ayers, a machine gun expert, manned an outpost in Afghanistan when he was killed by insurgents. It still pains Johnathan's father, Bill Ayers.

A flat-track all-female quad skate league, the Atlanta Rollergirls are part of the D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) roller derby revival that began when a group in Texas began competing in 2001. The Atlanta league was founded in late 2004. They are almost 50 women strong, ranging in age from 21 to 40-something. The Atlanta Rollergirls strive for a crowd-pleasing mix of sport and spectacle; however, their competitions are not staged; the outcomes are not fixed; and their falls and spills are the real deal. The aggression in these games mirrors the aggression of a hockey game.

You won’t find any macramé wall hangings at the Indie Craft Experience. Well, maybe you will, but chances are the person who made them find them as amusing as you do.

The Indie Craft Experience isn’t your grandmother’s kind of craft fair. The crafts at ICE might have a hipper edge or an ironic playfulness that one doesn’t usually associate with traditional crafts. They might incorporate vintage fabrics, goofy graphics, or re-purposed material into designs that feature skulls, superheroes, or robots; it’s punk rock played with needle and thread.


The soapbox derby is a time-honored American tradition that, in many circles, is a relic from a past era. Despite the nostalgic appeal of 2x4s, wood glue, recycled bike wheels, and steering ropes, how many kids today want to labor over constructing a gravity-powered wooden car when they can have the instant gratification of a video game, virtually racing in a digital roadster?