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Former Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin, whose four decades in office made him one of the longest-serving statewide officials in the U.S., died at the age of 88, the department he once ran confirmed Friday.

First appointed as state agriculture head in 1969 by then-Gov. Lester Maddox, Irvin went on to win 10 consecutive elections before deciding to retire in 2011 because of age and health reasons.

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Gov. Nathan Deal flew around the state Thursday to see the impact of Irma firsthand.

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He visited parts of northeast Georgia and the coast, two of the areas hit hardest by the storm. He noted the number of downed trees and the power lines that came down with them.

He said there's no estimate for when power in the state will be back on for everyone.

"The volume of the downed power lines is just so huge that it’s going to take a while to get everybody restored,” Deal said.

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Historically, Atlanta has struggled with managing all the rain from big storms. The water rushes into the sewers, overwhelming the system and causing flooding.

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In the past few years, one solution the city has emphasized is an approach known as green infrastructure.

So how’d that solution perform during Irma? It did well, according to the Department of Watershed Management.

Downtown Atlanta Roads Set To Reopen Following Irma

Sep 14, 2017
The area around 34 Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta has been closed off due to storm winds knocking metal panels off the tower.
Miranda Hawkins / WABE

Some roads in downtown Atlanta that were closed because of storm damage from Irma reopened Thursday afternoon.

For the past few days, the area around 34 Peachtree Street has been roped off with caution tape.

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On Sunday, winds from Tropical Storm Irma knocked metal panels off the 32-story office tower. More fell on Monday when the storm hit the city full force.

No one was hurt, but police closed off the area because they worried more panels would fall.

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