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There is a line in one of Lilly Hiatt's songs that goes: "I knew what I was doing was bad for me / I couldn't be the kind of person that I wanted to be."

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That song is called "I Wanna Go Home," and that theme of self-realization and healing and of home permeates her new record "Trinity Lane," named after her street. If her name sounds familiar, you probably know her dad, songwriter John Hiatt.

Young Country Crooner Breaks Down Stereotypes

Oct 7, 2015
Jack Dempsey / AP Photo

Country music artist Mickey Guyton is one of the few African-American women writing and singing in the male-dominated genre.

The Texas-born Guyton topped the charts this year with her hit single “Better Than You Left Me.” The popular song landed her on tour with country superstar Brad Paisley and on her way to super stardom herself.

Guyton said during an interview on “Closer Look” that she was first inspired to sing country music when she saw a young LeAnn Rimes singing the national anthem at a Texas ball game.