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Eclipse Brings Tourism Boost For Georgia's Mountains

Jul 28, 2017
total solar eclipse
Oleg Romanov / Associated Press

Georgia mountain communities are expecting a tourism rush for next month's solar eclipse. 

Rabun County is Georgia's most northeastern county and will see a total eclipse. Teka Earnhardt directs tourism there, and she said hotels and rental properties are fully booked.

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"We had one of our bed and breakfasts that booked up completely within two days of sending out an email to their folks 14 months ago,” Earnhardt said.

a circus high-wire daredevil and the seventh generation of the Flying Wallendas circus family, wipes the sweat from his forehead as he walks across a 300-foot-long wire suspended 100 feet in the air.
Ricardo Arduengo / AP Photo, File

High-wire walker Nik Wallenda plans to appear at a summer celebration marking his great-grandfather's walk over Tallulah Gorge in the north Georgia mountains.

But the younger daredevil, who hopes he can one day repeat Karl Wallenda's 1970 trek over the gorge, will have his feet planted firmly on the ground.

Organizers had hoped Nik Wallenda would cross the gorge at the upcoming Tallulah Gorge Skywalk Celebration June 19-28.