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Virtual reality headset
Alison Guillory / WABE

Virtual reality is being used in a lot of new ways.

At Emory University, researchers are using virtual reality to treat veterans who suffered sexual abuse in the military and now have posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Inside a dark room, patients wear a head-mounted display, headphones, hold a joystick in their hands and sit on a chair where they can feel vibrations.

As they move their heads, they can see anything above them – like the sky, if they look down, they can see their feet.

Child Sex Abuse Victims Call For Change In Law

Feb 5, 2015
Michelle Wirth / WABE News

A bill before state lawmakers right now would give people who were sexually abused as children more time to file civil lawsuits. This week, victims gave testimony to a House subcommittee.

Right now, Georgians who are sexually abused as children have until they’re 23 years old to file suit against their perpetrator. This bill would extend that to the age of 53. Supporters say the extra time is needed to give victims the courage to come forward. Angela Williams told subcommittee members she was abused by her stepfather.