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There is a line in one of Lilly Hiatt's songs that goes: "I knew what I was doing was bad for me / I couldn't be the kind of person that I wanted to be."

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That song is called "I Wanna Go Home," and that theme of self-realization and healing and of home permeates her new record "Trinity Lane," named after her street. If her name sounds familiar, you probably know her dad, songwriter John Hiatt.

Allister Ann

After almost four years, songwriter John Paul White has new music.

“I started having these songs loop in my head that I couldn’t ignore and finally had to start writing,” White said. “But I did not set out to write songs, and I wasn’t sure if I would, and I was okay with that ... People say you are meant to do certain things, and I always laughed at that. I think a lot of it you choose, but this was an instance of I couldn’t not do it.”