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US Department of the Interior

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Offshore oil drilling could come to the Georgia coast. The Obama administration is considering allowing it in the Atlantic, and will soon release a plan that could narrow down where it would be permitted.

The Atlantic has been closed to drilling -- or even looking -- for oil for decades. Last year, the Department of the Interior said it would consider oil and gas drilling off the coasts of Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia. The next step is a draft plan, expected to come out soon, that could declare some areas, or even the entire coast, off limits.

Atlanta YMCA Offers New Outdoor Adventure Program For Kids

Mar 26, 2015
Courtesy of Cowart Family Ashford Dunwoody Leaders Club


Young people in Atlanta, like those across the country, face countless challenges on their journey into adulthood. One of the big challenges for inner city children is often a lack of adequate outdoor green spaces and parks. Most certainly do not have ready access to forests or wilderness areas.

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell called it “a growing disconnect between young people and the great outdoors.”  

But that’s about to change under a new federal program.