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Home Is A Conditional Closet: Out In College But Closeted At Home

Sep 25, 2017
Jahleelah Shaheed / courtesy of Vox Atlanta

I want to start off by (almost literally) taking a page from Roxane Gay’s book “Hunger” and tell you that I am not an expert. I don’t have any ins, outs, dos or don’ts on how to compartmentalize your being for the comfort of others. What I do have is my experience, partnered with the courage to tell you about it.

I don’t think there has ever been a point in human history when a death threat was taken lightly. 

Ric Feld / Associated Press

A Georgia prisoner scheduled for execution this week has spent the last 27 years regretting the decisions that led him to kill his sister-in-law as she was on her way to work with his estranged wife, his lawyers said in a clemency application.

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Keith Leroy Tharpe, 59, is scheduled to be put to death Tuesday at the state prison in Jackson for the September 1990 shooting death of Jacquelyn Freeman.

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The most recent federal education law gives states and school districts more freedom when it comes to assessing student achievement and measuring school performance, some observers say.

But they also say the devil is in the details.

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That assessment was given by speakers at a recent conference at the University of Georgia.

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Metro Atlantans have debated for decades whether to expand commuter rail lines into the suburbs, with many residents outside the city rejecting plans for expansion.

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But another form of public transportation -- bus rapid transit -- has quietly captured the imagination of many public officials.

Johnny Kauffman / WABE

A bipartisan panel of Georgia lawmakers showed interest last week in a major overhaul of the state’s election systems.

But what may have been the first public indication in over a decade of significant support for the change showed signs of a likely debate over the cost to replace Georgia’s electronic-only voting machines, which were first purchased in 2002 and are being phased out around the country.