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Human Resources

As the world of Public Broadcasting continues to change, PBA is dedicated to being in the forefront of educational services. Without your support and dedication to our station, PBA would not be able to bring you the quality service that we do. With our dedicated, loyal and hardworking staff, our employees are the guiding-light to our success. A career with PBA is a career that requires you to reach your maximum potential because we can only offer the best educational services if we have the best team.

Public Broadcasting Atlanta offers a challenging and diverse range of career opportunities in public broadcasting. It also offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the cultural life of Atlanta.

Our employees understand that teamwork is essential to build community support for the station and reach the station’s educational goals. Since PBA is a non-profit organization, each employee wears many hats and handles multiple tasks. Thus, mutual respect, open communication and a commitment to excellence are essential to our success.

PBA Career Resources: Vision & Diversity

Vision Statement: We believe that communication is the foundation of civilization. It is the path by which knowledge, understanding, discourse and values are achieved, nurtured and passed down. We envision our communities as informed, energetic, engaged and with a pervasive sense of interconnectedness to each other and to the world. And we believe that our role as a trusted enabler of communication is fundamental in building the beloved community to which we aspire.

Mission: We serve community; we enhance life. We educate, entertain, empower. We broaden perspectives, create joy, expand knowledge. And through our endeavors, we connect people to each other and the world.

Because PBA works for the community, being an Equal Opportunity Employer is an essential practice. Race, color, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status and marital status make us unique individuals. We embrace diversity and continually build an organization that benefits the community we serve.

FCC EEO Statement

In accordance with the Federal Communications Commission’s EEO rules and policies, PBA (WABE,90.1FM & WPBA TV-30) is pleased to provide a notice of each full-time job vacancy to any recruitment organization or community groups placing such a request. If you are an organization interested in receiving notices of PBA job vacancies, please send your request to:

Attn: Human Resources
Public Broadcasting Atlanta
740 Bismark Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
Fax: 678-553-3026

FCC Reports

To Visit the WPBA-TV FCC Public File use link below:

WPBA-TV Public File

View the current Annual EEO Public File Report in PDF format.

2016 FCC EEO Report