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Lisa Hagen

Lisa Hagen is a reporter at WABE.

In 2011, Lisa interned and produced videos for the English-language news site for Al-Ahram, in Cairo, Egypt. She’s reported for and from Clinton Hill/Ft. Greene Brooklyn for the NYTimes’ “The Local” blog. She also put in a couple years as a stringer for the New York Post before moving south.

Lisa studied creative writing at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, but ended up with a much more practical degree in “Militarism and Sexuality” from New York University’s Gallatin School. A master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism seemed a next logical step.

She’s originally from Kahalu’u, Hawaii. Lisa does not know how to surf. She can, however, filet a salmon very quickly and is a lover of fly-fishing.

Alison Guillory / WABE

Atlanta's police and fire departments are offering a $5,000 bonus for military veterans who complete officer training.

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The incentive comes as the APD is looking to fill roughly 225 vacant officer positions.  

Deputy Chief Stacie Gibbs said the bonuses are part of a city-wide emphasis on hiring veterans, but she said the recruiting help is welcome.

David Goldman / Associated Press

The ACLU of Georgia is raising alarms about how counties and the state maintain voter rolls. The group thinks the way some voter addresses are verified may violate federal law.

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Earlier this month, Fulton County resident Stacey Hopkins got a notice from her local registrar.

Andrew Harnik / Associated Press


The call to overhaul Georgia's 15-year-old voting system is getting bipartisan support. State lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have proposed on social media to work together on an update.

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The problem isn't a new one. Georgia's voting machines leave no paper trail — that means there's no way to confirm that what someone voted for is what gets recorded.

Courtesy of Helen Kim Ho

On Friday, the city of Brookhaven is set to unveil a memorial statue to honor victims of military sexual enslavement during World War II, known as "comfort women." Japanese diplomats in Atlanta oppose the memorial, and the statue is stirring up old international tensions.

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David Goldman / Associated Press

By now you've heard the 6th Congressional District special election made history in terms of spending on a U.S. House race.

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Among the groups that poured money into supporting the campaigns were those on both sides of the debate on abortion access.

Often though, the candidates found less than direct ways to talk about the issue.