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Amazon Launches One-Hour Delivery Service In Atlanta

Apr 3, 2015

Amazon launched its one-hour delivery service in Atlanta on Thursday.

Atlanta is only the fifth city in the country to get Amazon Prime Now – joining New York City, Baltimore, Dallas and Miami. But is it worth using?

“A Closer Look” producer Lauren Waits needed some dog food.

A map appears after we place the order. The purple dot shows where the order is leaving from and the red dot shows where it will arrive. The order arrives at 12:35 p.m.
Credit Lauren Waits / WABE

So she installed the Amazon Prime Now app to test it out.

“It goes, 'Hello M, What do you need today?' Searching for Dog Food," Waits said. "It says: 71 results.”

Waits is an Amazon Prime member, which you have to be in order to use the app. She settled on a six-pound bag of dry dog food for $14.99. She said it’s twice as much as what she’d normally pay.

But she didn't meet the $15 minimum for delivery, so she added a pair of socks to the order. It automatically adds a $5 tip, which made her a little peeved.

"Look, I would tip the guy, but it's the principle of the thing!" Waits said. 

Amazon spokeswoman Kelly Cheeseman said the automatic tip can be adjusted before hitting submit. As for why the company picked Atlanta? Cheeseman said it was obvious.

“Thanks to our operations in Atlanta, we’re able to bring the service to the area,” Cheeseman said.

By that she means a new distribution warehouse near the airport in East Point.

It turns out the one-hour delivery service, which costs $7.99, was unavailable, so Waits chose two-hour delivery, which is free.

Garrad Bristol delivers for Amazon Prime Now in Atlanta. He was hired two weeks ago and has been doing test runs throughout the city.
Credit Brenna Beech / WABE

Then, we waited.

Within 30 minutes of that two-hour delivery time, there was a text message letting us know it was coming.

An unmarked white van pulled up in front of Waits' house.

Garrad Bristol, with Amazon Prime Now, scans the package, which lets dispatch know he’s there. He had two hours to deliver, but he says the goal is to get it to customers within the hour.

The service is not in all parts of Atlanta yet. It currently covers 22 ZIP codes and plans to expand out to the metro area.