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Ambassador Andrew Young On How Modern Atlanta Was Made

Nov 25, 2016

The modern idea of Atlanta can be traced all the way back to Henry Grady. A new book, documentary, and archival project attempts to cover that history through the eyes of ambassador and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young.

The project is called Andrew Young and the Making of Modern Atlanta and was created by attorney and public policy advocate Andrea Young, along with special advisor Harvey Newman, professor emeritus in the Public Management and Policy Department at Georgia State University. 

The book and documentary tell the story of story of Atlanta's growth from a small city in the Deep South into an international metropolis that influences global affairs. The project also examines "The Atlanta Way" of inclusive government partnered with business, mentors, and creative leaders, which Young credits for the development of the city we have today.

"Because of this leadership, a hundred thousand people a year come to metropolitan Atlanta," Andrea Young told Valerie Jackson in a live interview at the Carter Center, 

"They don't know what the secret sauce is. And so if we don't know the sauce, we're not going to keep baking the recipe the right way."

"Andrew Young and the Making of Modern Atlanta" is available on Mercer University Press.

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