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Atlanta Architects Honored For Affordable Housing Project

Jun 23, 2015

It's been nearly a decade since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, and parts of the city are still rebuilding.

Residents struggling to find affordable housing have had an especially hard time, but an Atlanta architectural firm has helped resolve that issue while honoring the historic look of working-class homes in the Big Easy.

Kronberg Wall recently was named the grand prize winner by the Congress for New Urbanism for the Iberville Offsite Rehabilitation, its 46-home restoration project in New Orleans.

The homes, many rebuilt to conform to the ubiquitous New Orleans shotgun style, have all been earmarked for affordability and for being environmentally friendly.

On “City Lights,” architects Eric Kronberg and Adam Wall explained that the project involves restoring neighborhood ties as well as buildings.

The architects said they understood there would be a “they won’t believe it until they see it" response in the affected communities.

“It’s a healthy skepticism,” Kronberg said. “It takes time and engagement and trust building.”

Roughly half of Kronberg Wall’s projects are in Atlanta, including what’s known as “adaptive reuse” renovations of industrial space in the Interstate 85 corridor of northeast Atlanta.