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Atlanta City Councilman Responds To Alleged Ethics Violations

Jun 24, 2016

Atlanta City Councilman Michael Julian Bond is responding to allegations that he failed to report campaign contributions and expenses.

The Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission said that between 2009 and 2015, Bond improperly used campaign funds 30 times and failed to disclose campaign contributions and expenditures 252 times.  

“I think it's a very big deal,” said Stefan Ritter, the head of the commission. “What we see here are truly egregious violations.”

In an email, Bond said that he is working with the commission's staff to resolve the issues, and that he himself approached them. He also said he has hired a CPA to correct and manage his records.

Bond has settled with the commission before over violations from 2009.  

“I do appreciate that he is trying to be forthright about the fact that the violations occurred,” said Ritter. “I think right now we need to really focus on coming to a remedy for the violations that's appropriate.”

The commission is proposing a settlement that would include requiring Bond to take classes and pay tens of thousands of dollars in penalties.