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Atlanta Filmmaker Reveals City's Untold Stories

Feb 5, 2015

''Golden Child,'' a film by Brantly Watts, documents the life and work of sculptor Shawn Knight.
Credit Courtesy of Brantly Watts

For this edition of "24 FPS (Frames Per Second)", we hear from local filmmaker Brantly Watts. She is primarily a documentary filmmaker but is now venturing into the fiction film realm.

One of her biggest projects was a documentary feature, called "AKA Blondie," which focuses on one of the strippers at the iconic Clermont Lounge. She talks about that and other projects in this segment.

Brantly and her husband, Jon Watts, have a production company called Half Pint Productions. They are also the filmmakers-in-residence at the Atlanta Film Festival. Together, they curate a series, "Homespun," that features documentary shorts by Atlanta filmmakers.

"24 FPS (Frames Per Second)" is a weekly segment on "City Lights," where we hear from local filmmakers. They have the freedom of independent filmmaking, but that means they have to create their own budget through fundraising and smart filmmaking techniques.

In these segments, they tell us about being a filmmaker in Atlanta, their projects, and the how-to’s of film production.